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Created in 1985, GPO Ingeniería y Arquitectura is the result of the merger of GPO Ingeniería, consultancy of engineering and architecture, and 2iT Ingeniería, engineering company specialized in the sectors of railway infrastructure, rolling stock, transport organization, means and methods of operation and maintenance.

Headquartered in Barcelona and with office in Madrid, this merger has evolved into an engineering and architecture consultancy that renders planning, design and construction management within the transportation, building, automotive, energy and environmental markets, going efficiently through the entire cycle of any railway system.



Aragón 390 5ª planta
08013 Barcelona
Tel. (34) 932 470 069
Fax. (34) 932 316 969


c/ Julián Camarillo, 29 edif. D1 1ºD
28037 Madrid
Tel. (34) 914 094 594
Fax. (34) 915 043 708


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Joan Verbon


Sam Schwartz’s ( industry-leading team specializes in developing context-sensitive transportation solutions for urban mobility throughout the US and abroad. They are known for being able to identify transportation and social impacts and provide creative, multi-modal plans that are grounded in technically rigorous analysis and industry-accepted design standards, working towards larger policy goals such as Vision Zero, economic development, social equity, environmental and climate resiliency, and design excellence. The Sam Schwartz team works to balance the needs and improve the quality-of-life of all users, including those using transit, walking, biking, driving, hailing rides, and moving freight.

In August 2015, GPO Group entered into a partnership with SSC by acquiring a membership interest in the firm. Headquartered in New York and with offices in White Plains, Chicago, Jersey City, Los Angeles, Oakland, Tampa and Washington DC, SSC allows GPO Group to have a nationwide presence in the US to support our clients’ activities in North America. In addition to reinforcing all the services provided by GPO worldwide, SSC brings to our group a unique and innovative set of additional services such as shared mobility and active transportation.


New York

322 Eighth Ave., 5th
Fl New York, NY 10001
Tel. (1) 212.598.9010


427 13th St, 2nd Floor Oakland, CA 94612
Tel. (1) 510.455.3741

Washington D.C.

80 M Street SE, #320 Washington, DC 20003
Tel. (1) 703.205.6200


223 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 1101 Chicago, IL 60606
Tel. (1) 773.305.0800

Los Angeles

707 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 4900 Los Angeles, CA 90017
Tel. (1) 213.221.0950


1301 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1250, Seattle, WA 98101
Tel. (1) 425.230.0556

Jersey City

30 Montgomery Street, Suite 1340
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Tel. 973.639.9629


2002 N. Lois Avenue, Suite 280 Tampa, FL 33607
Tel. (1) 813.289.7771


Gabriel Feriancic


Alejandro Mosquera


GPO Sistran Engenharia was born from the evolution of the original company Sistran Engenharia, founded in São Paulo in 2002 for the Brazilian market. Later, in 2012, Sistran Engenharia joins the GPO Group and becomes its Brazilian subsidiary. With an office in São Paulo, it provides services to both the public and private sectors. It has a team of 50 highly qualified professionals.


São Paulo

Rua Santa Isabel, 160 – 5º andar
CEP 01221-010 – São Paulo
Tel. (55) 11 3335-2125


Alejandro Mosquera


The GPO subsidiary in Colombia was created in 2013 with the aim of strengthening the group’s presence in South America. With an office in Bogotá, GPO activity in Colombia focuses on transportation infrastructures, more specifically in road, rail and airport infrastructures.

GPO Colombia has already developed very important projects, such as the design of the expansion of the El Dorado International Airport, the participation in several projects of fourth-generation highways, and the design of the improvement and extension works for the Santa Marta and Bucaramanga Airports.



Calle 25C # 85C – 41,
Oficina 302 Bogotá
Tel. (+57) 310-4780491


Alejandro Mosquera


The GPO subsidiary in Peru was created in 2014. GPO already had a large presence in the South American continent, thanks to its other subsidiaries established in Brazil and Colombia, and later also in Argentina.

With an office in Lima, GPO Peru offers to its clients comprehensive advisory and consulting services in the development of all types of engineering projects, from planning and design, to construction supervision or integral project management, highlighting an important curriculum in road and rail infrastructure, as well as in public use buildings.



Calle Las Palmeras 203,
Oficina 301
San Isidro, Lima
Tel. (571) 999488474


Alejandro Mosquera


The branch of GPO Argentina was created in 2017 with the objective of operating as a local company in the Argentine market, and thus offering engineering services to public and private clients of GPO Group in Argentina. GPO Argentina is backed by its head company and the rest of the companies that make up the GPO Group, so it offers a wide range of engineering and architecture services. The main activity of GPO Argentina is focused on the railway infrastructure market: from the study and design of an infrastructure, to the technical assistance of a railway utility.


Buenos Aires

Calle Adolfo Alsina 1441,
Piso 3, oficina 308
CABA, Buenos Aires
Tel. +54 11 5291 1800 / 2800