Since 2014, the structure of GPO Group is that of a holding that depends on a parent company, which constitutes the Group’s Board. Each of these companies operates in its local market, but they also cover international projects, depending on their area of expertise.

GPO Ingeniería y Arquitectura
GPO Sistran Engenharia

The Group is made up by:

    • GPO Ingeniería y Arquitectura based in Barcelona and with offices in Madrid (Spain).
    • Sam Schwartz Consulting for operations within North America (USA and Canada), based in New York and with offices in Seattle, Chicago, Jersey City, Los Angeles, Oakland, Tampa and Washington D.C.
    • GPO Sistran Engenharia based in São Paulo (Brazil).
    • GPO Colombia based in Bogotá.
    • GPO Peru based in Lima.
    • GPO Argentina based in Buenos Aires.

Since 2017, GPO Group enters into a partnership with Dar Group. The reached agreement allows us joining an international first-rate professional network and, thanks to the Dar Group companies, GPO Group is rendering services to its clients in the five continents.