GPO is a multidisciplinary Engineering and Architecture Group with global presence and local nature

Our services cover from the study and design of a transportation infrastructure to the technical assistance of a facility. We have specialized in the transportation, building, car, energy and environment industries, developing imaginative solutions for complex projects. Find out more about our activity fields:


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We have a vast experience in Engineering and Architecture projects worldwide

The specialization reached thanks to the design and development of solutions adapted to complex projects, always from an integrated point of view, allows us to launch transportation, facility, water and environment projects, which contribute to improve the well-being of society and, at the same time, create real values. More information.

Mobility & Transportation

Transportation infrastructure, ranging from roadways and freeways to railways, ports and airports, is a strategic element in the development of a community. They connect places and facilitate healthy environments where we all live and work.
Infrastructure can only transport people and products efficiently if it is connected to a larger system. The design must accommodate the general transportation layout and be effective enough to optimize the existing infrastructure while allowing the projected capacity. It also has to be sustainable to preserve the environment.


GPO's Test Facility Engineering (TFE) Department is specialized in offering engineering and project management services for test facility design and construction in the Automotive Industry, for large manufacturers, official certification centers and universities. We offer everything from test tracks to fully equipped labs for R+D, official approval, quality control, resistance and end of line testing. We have carried out test facility projects in Europe (Spain, Netherlands), Asia (India, China and South Korea) and Latin America (Brazil, Argentina and Colombia).
Our services include: master planning, feasibility studies, technical audits, benchmarking, detailed design, bidding process, dynamic sets of tests for propulsion systems, chassis dynamometers, exhaustion measurement, NVH levels and EMC development; safety and fatigue test platforms for combustion engines, e-engines, hybrid propulsion systems, transmissions and Power Pack systems and components.


Unique Architecture

Penitentiary Centers


Facility Management

For GPO, attention to planning, design, development and consulting in the building industry highlights the importance that emblematic buildings have in the urban environment. Whether retaining the character of a building being renovated or modelling how an upgraded infrastructure will impact the aesthetics of a city, GPO favors designs that inspire.
We execute world-class architectural projects and render project management and facility management services to help our clients reach their business goals. In the process, we balance shape, functionality and care for the environment.


Industrial Plants

Logistic centers

Industrial Process

The efficient use of energy in any building or infrastructure is no longer an option, but a necessity for the future. We strive for the outcome of strictly compliant projects while seeking imaginative solutions to achieve energy efficiency.
Applying our work methodology as global engineers, we analyze the technical and economic feasibility of setting up plants that generate renewable energy in our projects.


Sewerage Networks

Treatment Plants

At GPO we are well aware of the importance of respecting the environment. We therefore develop solutions for our clients that lessen the environmental impact of public works. We use the latest technology and every available resource to achieve this goal.
We have qualified teams specialized in water and environmental issues. They apply innovative methodologies that guarantee suitable integration with the environment, while considering any corrective measures to conserve the ecological values of the area.


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